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SBI employees, with their ability to turn away customers, stationed near rangolies in society to turn away people who come near it

02, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: In a very surprising turn of events, some SBI employees were seen placed in housing colonies today. The number initially was small but then it increased and kept on increasing. faking News reporter went to the site and came to know that SBI employees were hired by some colonies to prevent people from disturbing and making a mess of the Rangolies. This was done to use the SBI Employees’ ability to turn away customers.


We spoke to the secretary of North Bombay society, Mr. Sanil Jain and he had this to say,” Every year the ladies of this colony prepare some amazing Rangolies. This year was no different. There were some 100 rangolies prepared in different areas of the colonies. But they were afraid as to children and strangers can easily make a mess of the rangolies and waste the effort which went in creating them. So we decided to keep people next to Rangolies and turn away anyone who came near the Rangoli. After a meeting in colony premises, we decided that SBI employees would be the best people for the job and it will be earning source for them too as they have off during Diwali.”

The response till now has been amazing and 99% of the rangolies in the North Bombay society are undisturbed. If the trend continues SBI can then provide people for other activities during the offseason. This will be a free branding opportunity too. The other category of people who can do the job well would be HR managers and government employees or the IT employees who are on the bench.