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School going kid wins international weightlifting cup, dedicates trophy to his schoolbag

04, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Bengaluru: Tathagat Mankotia a 4th standard student at Blue oranges international school has won the 1st prize in the prestigious Daul-Strata youth weightlifting championship in the heavy-weight category. He has closely beaten Stefan Polievka from Slovakia to secure the first position.

Talking to media-persons just after the awards ceremony Tathagat said, “When papa mummy told me about this competition 3 weeks back I was not sure I should even participate, because I have no background at all in weightlifting. Chikoo, my younger sister, even mocked me at dinner table when she heard about it. And to be honest I felt quite weak at that time.”

Prepares you for challenges ahead.
Prepares you for challenges ahead.

“But next day while picking up my bag for school I realized that I have been carrying this heavy bag to school every day of my life. I am a regular student at school. And carrying a weight almost one-third my own body weight, 6 days a week, walking almost 1 kilometer with it to the bus stand and boarding the high-clearance bus with it; I was taking all this practice for granted. But all this hardship was what had silently prepared me for the competition.”

“With a boosted confidence in my capabilities, I decided I will participate in the weightlifting competition and I will succeed. Now that I have won I would like to dedicate this trophy to my school bag and to my parents who encouraged me at every step, towards the school.” Tathagat quipped.

On being asked if he had a message for the budding young weightlifters, Tathagat got little emotional, “A lot of kids around me think I can lift weights because I am a Goku worshiper or because I drink all those chocolate health drinks you see on television. But my message to young weightlifters is to believe in themselves rather than these products and most importantly train regularly.”

“Going to gym once a week and lifting weights is not going to help. Instead try innovative methods to prepare yourself. Whenever you go to supermarket, always insist on carrying the onions and the potatoes which your mummy buys. Make sure you to school 6 days a week, and make sure you carry heaviest bag possible. And please get away from these fancy e-books on your iphone, those pdf files will not prepare you to be a weight lifter, heavy hard bound books will,” a confident Tathagat concluded