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Seeing insane fresher salaries, middle-aged engineer again takes admission in B.Tech

09, Jan 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: A well settled professional Murali Bebasia with 15 years of professional experience and earing 22 lakh per annum has shocked his family and friends by again taking admission in B.Tech in a local university.

Middle aged engineer getting back to college
Middle aged engineer getting back to college

Murali was apparently frustrated because of very high salaries which fresher’s are getting right after B.Tech. which motivated his decision.

Murali who is already an engineer and also obtained his MBA degree few years back, spoke to Faking News. He said, “28 lakhs base + 7 lakhs joining bonus is the starting salary which Suchetan Sharma has got. He is a fresh passout and is son of Sharma ji who lives in street behind my house. Another of my colleague’s 22 year old daughter Samhita has just got a package of 31 lakhs + ESOPs from a startup. And here I am not even talking about freshers superstars who are getting 2-3 crore packages from Facebook and Google and make national headline. They are getting lakhs and crores. Ab ye batao ke hum ka bc ch***ye baithe hain?

After drinking a glass of cold butter-milk Murali calmed down and continued, “I am a B.Tech + MBA and I have been burning my heels in the industry for 15 frigging years and kal ke chhokre are getting frigging paid more than me? What the hell is happening? I decided enough is enough. Hence I have now taken admission in Rockie Rockers Institute of Technology, Arts and Management (RORO-TAM) and I’ll be graduating as B.Tech. in Computer science. And that is not all, I am also preparing for All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) which may enable me to get into a better engineering college next year.

While Murali is preparing himself for B.Tech 2.0 his wife Radhika is not very excited as she is afraid that young college girls may try to woo his husband and put their marriage in jeopardy.

She however consoles her heart by the fact that his husband will be earning atleast twice the amount, he is currently earning, when he graduates with B.Tech. in 2019.