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Selfies allowed in place of passport size photographs in exam application forms

04, Mar 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. With the rise of selfie culture across world, bodies that conduct engineering, management, and other exams in India have jointly agreed to allow selfies in place of passport size photos.

“Today almost everybody is having mobile with high megapixel camera and all of them are expert in clicking selfies. So we thought, why not remove the compulsion of having typical studio clicked passport size photo for exam form filling,” said CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi announcing a major education reform.

Dog selfie
A dog taking his selfie

“Besides motivating students to be more creative, it will also make the otherwise gloomy and boring form filling process a fun,” he added.

However, there are some restrictions on kinds of selfies allowed. For example, group and nude selfies will not be allowed, but selfie with pet cats or dogs will be allowed as invigilators are normally intelligent enough to differentiate between an animal and a student.

The Government of India has praised the initiative and called it a “big ticket reform”.

“Well, if not big ticket, it’s surely an exam hall ticket reform,” Finance Minister P Chidambaram said.

The government has further credited the youthful thinking of Rahul Gandhi behind this decision.

“A person looks more confident in his selfie than a passport size photograph. It will definitely boost the confidence level of Indian youth by empowering them,” Rahul Gandhi said in a formal press release, which also thanked Rajiv Gandhi for brining mobiles to India.

Har haath mobile, har haath selfie,” Rahul Gandhi later told Faking News.

While BJP termed the whole decision a “scam” and opposed selfies for being part of foreign culture, the decision has ushered a wave of excitement in the student community in India.

“I have already allocated a week to get a perfect selfie for my engineering exam,” said class eleven student Priyanka who has decided to take IIT-JEE only after introduction of this selfie clause.

Meanwhile, Photographer association of India has announced a protest against the decision.

“This is a barbaric rule. If it’s not removed, it will push us a step closer toward extinction as money earned from clicking a passport size photos for exams forms a considerable part of our total earning,” said Deepak Kumar, owner of Dilbag Photo Studio.