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Shamed by MMS scandal, MBA student becomes naga sadhu

27, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida. An MBA student, who was tricked by his girlfriend into being filmed by a mobile phone, was shocked to see the same mobile MMS clip being circulated all over the country. The MMS showed the 23-year old student accessing porn, and squirming in exhilaration while doing it, from a computer located in the library of the business school. Shamed by this mysterious aspect of himself coming to the fore, the boy has decided to drop out of the school and become a naga sadhu.

According to the other students of the business school, the boy and his girlfriend were rumored to be ‘going around’ with each other. In fact, many suspected them of having intimate relationship. Our sources inform us that other boys of the b-school always used to ask this particular boy, whose name we are not disclosing out of respect for his privacy, to show them nude pictures of his girlfriend. Initially the boy resisted the idea, but later he thought it to be a ‘cool’ thing to do.

A grab from the now popular MMS showing the boy accessing porn on computer
A grab from the now popular MMS showing the boy accessing porn on computer

Our sources further inform us that on that fateful day in the library, the boy asked his girlfriend to do a striptease for him, so that he could record the act in his mobile phone and show it to the boys as a proof of his boyfriendom. When the girl feigned innocence and asked what a striptease was, the boy jumped over to the nearest computer and opened his favorite porn sites to show the girl some sample acts of stripteases. The poor guy didn’t know that the impish girl was recording all his movements in her mobile. He got carried away while accessing the porn sites and the girl made a two-minute MMS, which is now being transmitted and downloaded rampantly on the internet.

“This is a disgraceful breach of trust. Women must not be trusted. I would never come near any woman now. I disown even my mother and sister. I am sure all the ignoble women of this world are now sending the MMS clips to each other bringing a bad name to me. And I can’t understand why people want to see the clip? What new does it have? I disown this society as well.” the boy spoke to us on conditions of anonymity after we could break into his hostel room by threatening to publish his name and picture.

The boy has decided to become a naga sadhu now and spend rest of his life away from porn-shooting women and the porn-watching men (according to him). Faking News is hysterically trying to contact the family of the boy to get their opinion on the whole issue, but it seems that his family has decided to trick media as we could not find any one on the address mentioned in the b-school records.

When we asked the local police commissioner if he had filed any case against the girl in this case, he informed us that no one had come forward till date to register any FIR. Interestingly, our sources could not tell us anything about the girl, but we have learnt that some members of Sati Savitri Sena are on look out for the girl to bash her up for her immoral deed. Faking News would bring you the latest pictures whenever she is beaten.