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Sharma ji happy that his CBSE failed son scored more than neighbour Verma ji’s failed son

25, May 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Vimal Sharma, resident of Shakti Nagar, has been in celebratory mood ever since 12thCBSE results have been out.

However what has shocked people close to him is the absurdity that he is happy despite his son Rocky, failing the board exams.

“Initially we thought he has become delirious upon reading his son’s marksheet or may be was trying to undergo laughter therapy as shown by Boman Irani’s character in Munnabhai MBBS, but we were wrong,” disclosed Sharma’s close friends.

“It was only later when we saw him bragging about how his son has made him proud by scoring more than his neighbor Verma ji’s failed son, Vicky, that we understood the real reason of his happiness,” they further revealed.

Proud Sharma ji with his son.
Proud Sharma ji with his son.

Faking News caught up with Mr   Sharma while he was sending out invites to the evening party to other neighbours.

“My son may have failed, but he scored 6 more marks than that arrogant Kamal Verma’s son,” Vimal told Faking News while giving a tight hug to Rocky.

“Even while failing he ensured that our izzat and naak in the society remains intact,” he added with tears in his eyes.

Sources say rivalry between Sharma and Verma household dates back to 70s when Kamal Verma had marginally outscored Vimal Sharma in 12th borad exams.

“I have been bearing the burnt of that fateful day ever since then. I still remember how my father did not talk to me for days despite me topping my school,” Vimal Sharma recalled.

“Even after I became successful, he still did not think very highly of me and continued to curse me for scoring less than Verma till his death,” he went on to reveal.

“When he died, his last wish to see somebody from his family score more than Verma’s family, remained unfulfilled. I am glad my son Rocky worked just about hard enough to get the family honor back,” he added.

When pointed that even though Rocky scored more than Vicky, he will have to repeat 12th, Vimal shot back,”Do you really think all these 90%ilers would get into DU. Many of them too would be dropping a year to prepare for something else. So it’s one and the same thing.”