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Sheila and Kumar go to Supreme Court over civic manners

04, Jan 2010 By karan_ay

New Delhi. The campaign to teach manners to Delhi residents ahead of the Commonwealth Games seems to have run into rough weather with the “Kumars” of Delhi filing a petition in the Supreme Court against the Delhi government for showing them in bad light. The Delhi government had recently announced a campaign called “Thu Thu Kumar, Su Su Kumar or Poly auntie?” to discourage people from making the city dirty.

The concerned campaign was designed to shame, and hence reform, people who are seen spitting, urinating, and littering in public. The campaign included catchy slogans like, “Thu Thu Kumar na bane (Don’t spit in public)” and similarly for people urinating (Su Su Kumar) and littering (Poly Auntie) in public. But the “Kumars” of Delhi have come out in strong protest against the campaign. They claim that the campaign has hurt their sentiments.

Kumars insist that the man in the picture is not necessary a Kumar
Kumars insist that the man in the picture is not necessary a Kumar

“How can you insult all Kumars like this? Everyone urinates or spits in the public places in Delhi, so why single out the Kumars? Why didn’t the Delhi government think of some other name like, Thu Thu Dixit na bane, or Su Su Gandhi na bane. It’s just too embarrassing for us. We will take this fight to court and pressurize Delhi government into stopping this slander.” S Kumar, one of the aggrieved Kumars said.

Kumars claims that their community has always brought fame to the nation and they didn’t expect such treatment in return from the government. They cited Hollywood movies like “Harold and Kumar” to buttress their point. A mahapanchayat of Kumars too have been called by a retired Lieutenant Bhainsla Kumar, who served in Indian army in 1970’s.

“We are a peace loving community, but nobody can hurt our sentiments just like that. We are requesting the Sheila government to stop the campaign within two weeks and apologize to our community. If they fail to do it, all the Kumars will be forced to spit and urinate all around Delhi, especially at Commonwealth Games sites.” Lt. Bhainsla Kumar announced the non-cooperation movement.