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Shimla Monkeys to charge Honeymooners for ogling

22, Oct 2015 By mpsharmaauthor

Shimla: As the wedding season gears up, Shimla monkeys are preparing for the boring and constant pointing and laughing antics of ignorant city dwelling newlyweds.

Silent protest by monkeys in Shimla against honeymooners
Silent protest by monkeys in Shimla against honeymooners

One of India’s most popular honeymoon destinations, monkeys in the Himalayan region have decided that they should rightfully be paid for having to endure the naïve and often constant ignorant pointing at them.

Many monkeys have complained of depression and anxiety issues due to the presence of honeymooners in Simla.

A monkey who spoke to our reporter said that the presence of honeymooners in Simla is enough to send panic waves among the monkey community. Now, they wish to be compensated for all that they have to endure.

Shimla’s main monkey, popularly nicknamed Daravna Singh, has started a union that is growing at an alarming rate whereby the primates seem to be collecting at the popular Mall every evening to discuss the currency they are interested in being paid in.

Known for stealing prasad, the monkeys appear to have decided to stop expending their energy and are in fact demanding one piece of fruit for every snicker, laugh or ridiculing in their direction.

If the tourist’s refuse to pay, the monkeys proceed to steal their phones and then dismantle them in front of their owners eyes, but not before taking a selfie.

There are however, monkeys who are not participating in the scheme and are considered as hooligans by the rest of their peers, who are instead biding their time mimicking tourists’ unsavory behavior.

The epidemic has seemed to anger newlyweds who are trying to impress their new partners. Either way, the monkeys don’t seem to care and are petitioning to change the proverb “stop monkeying around” to “stop humaning around” as they believe that the newer improved version holds more truth.

Faking News Reporters attempted to take a selfie with Daravna Singh but had their phones stolen and destroyed instead.