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Similar to Ola Share RayBan to start sharing service, no need to buy if you only want to wear them for twitter and FB pics

28, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bentonville: Global eyewear company RayBan today announced that it will be soon starting rental and sharing services for the benefit of those who want the eyewear only for clicking pics which they can later upload on FB and twitter.

RayBan share android app
RayBan Share android app

Speaking to Faking News the Chief Executive Andrea Gurrea said, “We have observed that a lot of people use RayBan glasses especially aviators to click pics and use them as profile images on social media. In fact, our market research tells us that almost 90% of all RayBan pictures are clicked in front of the mirror and used on social media.”

“We want to increase our market and reach out to those people who buy fake RayBans to impress their friends. So we have come up with this rental service. Where you need to pay only when you use the eyewear,” he added.

The new service will be called ‘RayBan Share’, similar to sharing service started by radio cabs.

The announcement by the company gave hope to many FB and twitter user in India especially engineering students who are constantly trying out new profile pics, hoping that their friend request to random girls will be accepted.

“Earlier I had to borrow aviators from my friend every time I wanted to click profile pics. There were times when I also photoshopped a RayBan on my face just to look cool. Hopefully I will have better options now,” said a social media addict studying Mechanical Engineering in Chennai.

However there were many who were not happy with the rental plans. “I spent around 4k on these original pair of RayBan aviators just a few days back. Hoping that I will look different and will be able to separate myself from the crowd. Now all these ‘engineering dudes’ will take eat into my market share,” said a disgruntled RayBan loyalist.

Meanwhile, some had mixed feelings over the announcement with ‘buyer’s remorse’ creeping in. “Having spent a bomb on them, I used to wear my RayBan 24/7. My friends used to call me Karunanidhi junior. Now I feel like I have wasted my money,” said Karthik, a techie from Bangalore, as he logged on to to look for a buyer for his aviator.