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Single man goes into depression as Valentine’s Week begins

08, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Pramod Malik, 29, has gone into a sullen mood after he received a spate of messages on phone and internet urging him to celebrate Valentine’s Week. Pramod has been consistently single ever since he moved to a boys-only high school when he was thirteen years old.

The single samrat has not been talking to anyone since morning when he realized that Valentine’s Week had begun. He even skipped his day at work today. Friends fear that Pramod has gone into depression.

“He was cool till yesterday and was debating Indian bowling in the first test match between India and South Africa, but went into his shell after his mobile beeped a couple of times,” Kabeer, who shares a flat with Pramod said, “This morning he was in the balcony and was looking at the roses planted in our flowerpots when his mobile beeped again; he came back in his room and locked himself up.”

Valentine's Week contains eight days
Valentine’s Week contains eight days – experts believe that soon a Valentine’s Month with 44 days could be launched with special schemes by various marketing companies.

Pramod opened the door of his room after persistent requests from Kabeer but he has not been talking to anyone since then. Kabeer checked his mobile and there were numerous SMSes about celebrating Rose Day (yesterday) and Propose Day (today).

“Clearly all these talk about rose and propose has turned him morose,” Kabeer rued.

Kabeer has thrown out all the chocolates from their fridge as tomorrow happens to be the Chocolate Day as per these celebrations.

“What’s making things worse, is that even the normal marketing SMSes by Vodafone are prefixed with VD, but in the scheme of things they could be being read as Valentine’s Day by Pramod,” suspected Kabeer.

It’s not for the first time when Pramod has felt sad with Valentine’s Day festivities approaching. Friends inform that Pramod has been trying to approach girls for around seven years now but has failed to win a single girl.

“He tried everything; he changed his hairstyle to all possible ways, he learnt English slangs, he went gymming, he even tried looking like SRK, giving his eyes an intense look with his eyebrows shaped like a slanting tilde, but nothing worked,” revealed a friend on the conditions of anonymity.

But it seems Pramod might be soon pulled out of this situation as Vodafone was sending out new SMSes called VD Friends: “Deepika, Genelia, and Sania! Make new friends this Valentine’s Day. Just dial 53319 and enjoy! Premium charges apply, for more visit our website.”