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Singles living together in rented flats in metros become ‘maid for each other’

07, Sep 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: Necessity is the mother of invention and this time it invented ‘maid for each other’ as a new relationship status for the singles living in flats in metro cities.

Liquid doing the household chores
Liquid doing the household chores

Liquid and Rajjo, with original names as Laxmidas and Rajeshwar, living in the vicinity of Mumbai, with flat rent taking more than 50% of their joint salary have a lateral realization that they are ‘maids for each other’.

Living in a rented 1/2 BHK (where Hall remains still a mystery) since last 3 years and doing the household chores by themselves, the work-share mates become ‘Flat mates with benefits’.

“Earlier we were searching for good cook who could make dishes as per our choice, but failed miserably. We also tried to hire Alistair Cook for the job, but he declined the offer as well. We feel pity for him that he declined an onsite opportunity. Also, we faced lot of trouble to find ‘kaam wali bai’ and ‘kapdo wali bai’. They were demanding wages more than Tushar Kapoor’s acting fees. Though the fees seemed to be nominal, but their bossy nature worked against them,” said Liquid while washing Rajjo’s underwear, which was unwashed since last 3 days.

“Besides, some of these maids demand benefits that even salaried employees don’t get. One maid that I interviewed asked for pick up and drop facility. I work for an IT firm and even I don’t have that luxury,” said Liquid.

Rajjo, who was busy cooking ‘Dal Tadka’, which turned out to be ‘Dal Khichdi’ after being cooked, told us that they have divided daily chores among themselves.

“We pile up things to be done on weekends. Sometimes he washes clothes and I do cleaning exercise and sometimes its reverse. We keep rotating the work just like Nitish and Lalu keep on rotating the mike against Modi.”

Meanwhile, a survey done by Faking News correspondents tell us that more than 90% of the singles living together in flats have admitted that they are ‘maid for each other’.