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Six IT employees arrested for discussing things other than politics

26, May 2014 By Akash

Noida: In a bizarre event, a group of six IT employees have been arrested outside their offices during lunch hours on charges of discussing about personal matters when they should have been discussing political events.

SI (Sub Inspector) of that area, Mr. Pandey has confirmed this arrest to Faking News. “This afternoon we received a call from an unknown person who told us about this group that was discussing about their girlfriends, sex life, and lack of life, that is office life. How can we tolerate such casual attitude from our youth towards our country?” Pandey said.

Talk on appropriate topics.

When Faking News questioned the legality of the charges framde, Mr. Pandey explained to us that these guys had been arrested for the violation of “Rajnitik Dhara” that has been implemented in colleges and corporate offices after elections were announced.

Under this rule, if someone is found discussing anything other then politics around colleges and corporate offices, they will be sent jail for a minimum of three days to a maximum term of one month, depending upon the topic they were discussing. This rule will be in place till the Delhi Assembly re-elections.

Mr. Pandey further disclosed told us that the arrested guys could get a one month sentence as they were discussing about sex life despite working in IT employees.

“Had they been discussing about family issues, they might have got the minimum sentence. But the fact that they discussed sex lives and girlfriends, despite being engineers, made their offense non-bailable and serious,” the SI said.

During trial at the Noida sessions court, the accused reportedly told the judge they were unaware of the “Rajnitik Dhara” being operational. They claimed that they always used to discuss politics (Modi and Kejriwal) but they decided to change the topics as they were losing friends and teeth in the ensuing fights.

But the judge didn’t accept this excuse and sent them to jail. Apart from one month jail, the group of six has been sentenced to daily dose of Newshour debates of Arnab Goswami, so that they come out reformed.