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Somnath Bharti assures safer Delhi for beautiful women, ‘what about beautiful men like me’ asks Kumar Vishwas

04, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After Somnath Bharti made the controversial statement on ensuring ‘safer Delhi for women’, his own party worker Kumar Vishwas has objected. The objection is not because of the derogatory nature of the statement. Mr. Vishwas’ grouse is that Somnath Bharti has failed to address the safety of beautiful men like him.

No country for beautiful men.
No country for beautiful men.

Speaking to Faking News, Kumar Vishwas said, “I am not against safety of beautiful women. All I want is safety and security for beautiful men like me too. I can tell you specific instances when I was stared at, touched inappropriately and been at the receiving end of comments while travelling in Delhi. Why this discriminatory attitude towards men? Don’t men need to feel safe?”

When asked if he faced similar discrimination within the party, Mr. Vishwas refused to name any specific person. However he said, “Most people think that I was made a party leader because I am good looking. Let me tell you I have slogged for the party. It’s so convenient for people to attribute your success to your looks. It happens with women too. People have to change their mindset.”

Mr. Vishwas has urged Delhi Police to start a special helpline for men similar to the one for women. “I am fully aware that these helplines are a waste of public money just like our ads, but I would still request the Govt. to start a separate helpline for men. We all are victims. Just because media chooses not to report, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.”

Surprisingly, Congress Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has come out in support of Kumar Vishwas. Speaking to his party workers he said, “Auraton ki suraksha kaafi zaroori hai. Acchi baat hai ki sarkar iss bare me soch rahi hai. Lekin khoosurat mardon ka kya hoga. Upar se sarkar ne porn ban kar diya. Kyu kar rahi hai ye sarkar mardon pe zulm.

Meanwhile, our reporter tried getting comments from AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on this issue. However the only comment we got from him was about his review of the latest Bollywood movie released. “Acchi movie hai. Agli ad inse hi banvayenge,” he said.