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Somnath Bharti's dog breaks down during narco analysis, implicates Somnath Bharti

02, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Don, Somnath Bharti’s dog broke down during interrogation after Delhi Police conducted a narco analysis on him. Apparently, Don has spilled the beans after a round of tough questioning, which got the cops swooping in on Somnath Bharti.

Don after narco analysis
Don after narco analysis

Mr. Bharti, who has been evading arrest, was finally located after Don revealed his location to the cops. “Don was a tough nut to crack. Just like a politician, when we took him into custody he complained of chest pain and refused to assist us in the investigation. We were left with no other option but to get a narco analysis done to get the truth out of him. During the interrogation he also revealed that Mr. Bharti used to watch a lot of crime thrillers. The last movie watched by him was Drishyam and he had made all plans to fool the cops in a similar way that the protagonist of the movie did.”

Don has also made several startling revelations about other AAP leaders too. However, Delhi Police has refused to divulge any further information as it may weaken the case.

Neighbors who spoke to our reporter were surprised that a mild mannered dog like Don could bite someone.

According to our sources, Don had a crush on his neighbors pet Monica and had asked Somnath Bharti to speak to the neighbors about getting him and monica married. Somnath Bharti used this to his advantage and asked Don to attack his wife on several occasions.

After Somnath Bharti’s implication, there were speculations about the fate of his dog. Many said that he could be put up for adoption on Twitter.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Delhi Police is planning to induct Don in its squad.

“Don is lazy, he sleeps all day, barks when the AC is turned off and needs to be bribed with food every time we ask him to do anything. That makes him the perfect candidate to be part of our force,” said a senior official of Delhi Police.