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Somnath Bharti's dog seeks anticipatory bail ahead of possible arrest in domestic violence case

15, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi / Mumbai. Fearing possible arrest in domestic violence case against AAP MLA Somnath Bharti, his dog, whose custody is being sought by Delhi Police for questioning, has decided to file for an anticipatory bail.

“When they can take me so seriously, why can’t I take myself with same seriousness and take all those proactive steps to ensure I don’t have to go to jail,” the Labrador said from a hideout in Bollywood actor Sunny Deol’s residential society.

“Knowing how ferocious Sunny Deol can be to kuttes of this world, I doubt police would come here looking for me,” the dog confidently barked when asked why he chose to hide there.

Having a tete a tete with his dog, during happier times.
Having a tete a tete with his dog, during happier times.

Delhi Police is already in talks with KRK and Abhijeet to act as a translator for the dog.

“Both of them have considerable experience in understanding and displaying canine psychology through their tweets. They could be very helpful in getting some crucial information out of dog’s mouth, pertaining to the case,” Delhi Police chief BS Bassi told Faking News.

“Also being the first and only police force in the country to interrogate a dog, it would be another feather in our cap,” Bassi added.

There are also reports of Arnab using all his resources and muscle verbal power to get an exclusive interview with the dog, before Delhi Police gets to him.

The original hashtag #ArnabBarksWithDog that Times Now was planning to trend on Twitter has for now been dropped citing technical reasons.

Meanwhile the dog after coming to know of Arnab’s intentions is now having second thoughts about seeking bail.

“I think I might just prefer being in police custody than sitting with Arnab in Times Now studios. Don’t think even third degree can be worse,” the dog argued, as he left for Delhi to surrender.