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Song commits suicide after being neglected for two years in an mp3 player

30, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. A not so hit song, “Bairi Piya Dhadke Jiya” (BPDJ) from a 2011 movie “Pyaar Beech Bazaar” has committed suicide after it was continuously neglected for last 2 years in a Mumbaikar’s mp3 music player.

Rohit, who lives in Mumbai, copied the now deceased song in his mp3 player in July 2011, but he never ever heard it. It appears that the song could no longer sustain this insult and loneliness.

MP3 Player
The crime scene

Rohit noticed the tragic incident when he found the song missing from the playlist while he was commuting to his office in Mumbai local.

“I was scrolling down the playlist of my mp3 player, and suddenly I noticed a text file among the mp3 song files; that was suicide note of the song,” the 23-year-old recalled, “The note was signed with ‘Yours truly – Bairi Piya Dhadke Jiya (BPDJ)‘, only then I realized that it was the same song that I skipped everyday.”

Police have registered a suicidal death case and are currently analyzing the suicide note.

“It is evident from the suicide note that the song was quite depressed and was feeling like being a burden on the memory of the mp3 player. In the note, it even cursed its composer and music director Ganesh Reshamiya, for its failure to impress Rohit,” said Inspector Patil of the local police station.

Inspector Patil shared an excerpt from the suicide note:

“Feeling lonely in the crowd of thousands songs on this 4GB memory card. Every morning, I wake up with desire of being played by Rohit while he will be travelling in the local train. But he plays the one above me, the one below be, but not me. What’s the use of such life? Both these songs later nudge me and wink at me. Can’t face this humiliation every day.”

Faking News talked to some of the neighbors of the passed away song, BPDJ.

“See Rohit used to shuffle the playlist. In the last few days, BPDJ got close to sad ghazals and that might have pushed it into depression,” claimed ChikniChameli.mp3, who is BPDJ’s next door neighbor on the mp3 playlist.

Other songs on the mp3 player too tried to give clean chits to themselves. Some motivational songs from the playlist claimed that they tried to motivate BPDJ by playing themselves, but all went in vain.

Meanwhile, Mumbai police commissioner has called an immediate meeting to decide if they should book Ganesh Reshamiya, Rohit, or those two songs for abetment of suicide.