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Sonu Nigam compares Radhe Maa to Naga Sadhus, outraged Sadhus say we are better dancers

18, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Nasik: Naga Sadhus today expressed their resentment after Sonu Nigam compared them to Radhe Maa. What looked like a comment from the singer in support of the beleaguered God-woman has now snowballed into a controversy.

Naga Sadhu doing the headspin
Naga Sadhu doing the headspin

Speaking to Faking News, a Naga Sadhu said, “How can Sonu Nigam compare us with Radhe Maa. I mean how. We are way better dancers than Radhe Maa. I have seen the video of Radhe Maa which was flashed across news channels last week and I must say that lady has got horrible moves. She was prancing around like Little Red Riding Hood. Do you call that dancing?”

“We Sadhus are better dancers. DJ’s from across the world shoot their trance videos with us. Did you know the head spin move was inspired by a Sadhu doing the headstand? We strongly protest this comparison by Sonu Nigam and ask him to take back his statement or else will protest outside his house,” he threatened.

Apparently, the Association of Naga Sadhus has challenged Radhe Maa for a dance competition to settle this issue for good. “Yes we will do all we can to prove our point. We don’t indulge in masquerade. We have nothing to hide, literally,” said the chief of the association.

Retracting into damage control mode, Sonu Nigam clarified that he has been misinterpreted. “All I said was that people should not criticize Radhe Maa for her attire. I respect Naga Sadhus and very well know about their dancing prowess. I have attended Kumbh Mela previously and seen a moon-walking Naga Sadhu,” said the singer.

Meanwhile, Bollywood choreographer and part-time director Remo D’Souza is planning to make ABCD 3 with Radhe Maa and Naga Sadhus in lead roles. “I shared this idea with Prabhu Sir (Prabhu Deva) and he immediately liked it. Initially we thought of making it Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor, but clearly Naga Sadhu and Radhe Maa would be a bigger draw for the audience,” he said.