After sound check and light check, people start to learn acting thinking Modi will say ‘action’ on 12th

07, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. After doing soundcheck on 22nd March and then the light check on 5th April, people now are focusing on acting. They are pretty sure that Modi will ask them to act on 12th April at 12 PM.


Many people were seen watching youtube videos on how to act and were also listening to interviews of other actors. People have enough time to hone their acting skills and they are utilizing the same. From Dilip Kumar to Amitabh to Ranveer, people are looking at the nuances of all these great actors.

Directors are also busy as they will keep a close eye on people’s actions and cast them in future movies. It is not yet clear as to what type of action Modi wants, but it can be an action-heavy scene where some tasks will have to be performed.

Prime Minister Modi, in his previous video message to the nation, urged citizens to switch off the lights of their homes and light candles, diyas, or torches for 9 minutes at 9 PM on March 5 to “overcome the darkness” that surrounds us during this pandemic. And people followed it with full enthusiasm.