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South Delhi household unaffected by ban of 15-year-old vehicles, claims it changes cars every 6 months

27, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. While there are many people outraging over ban of 15 years old vehicles in Delhi, a south  Delhi household was totally unaffected by this new rule passed by the National Green Tribunal.

Oberois, residents of posh locality in the Chhatarpur farms area of South Delhi claim this new law will have no bearing on them as they as it is change cars every 6 months.

Junk lying in Oberois' garage because now it is 7 months old.
Junk lying in Oberois’ garage because now it is 7 months old.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a down market Honda Civic or an up market Audi, we change cars almost as soon as 6 months, irrespective of their make or cost,” disclosed Ranbir Oberoi, 45 years old businessman.

“In fact, we start feeling uneasy the moment any of our car crosses 1000 km mark, and find it extremely difficult to convince ourselves to sit in it,” further revealed Mrs Oberoi on how and when they know its time to buy a new car.

Oberois are however upset that even in this noble act of theirs, people are finding ways to ridicule and make fun of them.

“People call us snobbish and show-offs but we are in fact the biggest contributor towards reducing pollution in the city through our acts like these,” screamed Mr Oberoi. He however quickly realized that screaming is quite a classless thing to do and mellowed down.

Sources claim that Oberois are so concerned about rising pollution levels in Delhi that last time they spotted their neighbors roaming in a 4 year old car, they teamed up with entire society and forced them to shift to jamnapaar Seelampur, for this unforgivable act of theirs.

Oberois further feel that somebody from their locality should be in NGT to ensure strict implementation of this rule in Delhi.

Meanwhile the ban led to almost a curfew like situation at roads in the city as there was virtually no traffic jam even during peak hours.

“I was unable to trace a single auto and tempo for almost half an hour that I roamed outside the South Campus near Anand Niketan,” claimed a 22 years old student.