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South Indians break rules better than North Indians, says Karunanidhi

26, Oct 2015 By Rajesh Turlapati

Chennai: Responding to NDA Minister Rijiju’s comments on ‘North Indians enjoy breaking rules’, Karunanidhi today said that South Indians break rules better than Northies.

When it comes to breaking rules, South is better than North
When it comes to breaking rules, South is better than North

“We invented breaking rules. Did you ever watch Rajnikant’s films?” Karunanidhi questioned during press meet.

“Films represent lives of people. In South Indian movies, a hero can break any rules scaling from ‘traffic rules’ to ‘Universal Gravity rules’. But, if you see North, heroes are still hesitant to break rules. For example, if you see Salman in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, he can’t even lie to Pakistani officers, which is why it took 3 hours to return a little girl to her parents. If ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is made in South, hero could have taken the girl to Pakistan in 2 mins using Helicopter which is driven by himself and communicating with Pakistanis in Tamil/Telugu,” he said.

“So, I think this is yet another way of suppressing South talents by NDA Govt. We demand immediate resignation of the Minister,” he demanded.

Karunanidhi is not the only leader who has problems with Rijiju’s comments. Hardik Patel too joined him.

“Why only North Indians enjoy breaking rules? Gujratis, and in particular Patels also enjoy breaking rules,” said Hardik.

“Infact, I demand special reservations for Patel community in breaking rules. We should get atleast 35% more chances to break rules,” he claimed whilst commanding his men to block a Highway in Gujarat.

Mean while, Kejriwal tweeted that Indians should not be divided on ‘rule breaking’.

“All Indians break rules equally. If there is anything in India that unites all Indians, it is Breaking rules,” he tweeted.

“AAP as a party always supported ‘rule breaking’. We enjoy breaking rules especially when they are set by LG,” he tweeted further.

Seeing the increased enthusiasm on ‘Rule breaking’, Government declared ‘Rule breaking’ as a new sport, and will be included in next National games. Teams from all over India can participate in ‘Rule breaking’ competitions.

Reports suggest that PM Modi is going to propose a ‘World – Rule breaking day’ in his International conference next month. According to the sources, the day is supposed to be celebrated on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday.