South Mumbai girl learns to boil milk during lockdown, uploads recipe on Youtube

29, Apr 2020 By yogy

Happy with her accomplishment, a South Mumbai girl who learnt how to boil eggs has managed to impress netizens with her skills.

Many are using the lockdown free time to learn new skills. Not to be left behind, the aforementioned girl too tried her hand at learning something new.

Speaking to Faking New said, “Everybody is putting up their recipes these days, so I thought even I should do something since I have free time. I put my skills to test and managed to boil a bowl of milk. This has always been on my bucket list for long and I am so happy to have it got off my back.  I know many of my friends have been struggling with boiling milk and there could other out there as well. So  I have also shared a step by step procedure on how to go about boiling milk.”

In just a few hours, the video has reached a million views. Many thanked her for introducing them to cooking. Other wanted more from her.

‘please show us how to boil an egg in you next video’ – read a comment.

“Though I am happy with the view count, I am not sure I will continue making video. I am not into being this ‘Youtube celebrity’ thing. No seriously, did you see me say ‘Click the Subscribe button or Hit the bell icon’? As far as more videos go, I would first want to gain expertise in boiling milk. Once that is done, maybe we can more ahead,” she revealed.