In a special fire drill, HR team was asked to evacuate cafeteria and move towards office

29, Apr 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: An IT company in Bangalore organized a special fire drill for the safety of its HR staff. The specialty of the drill was, the siren was played in the food court and all the occupants at food court during that hour which consisted of mostly HR professionals, they were asked to evacuate food court and move towards their office building.


“Fire drill is mandatory every six months and most of the staff in this office are well acquainted with the safety norms. However, when I checked attendance record of past three fire drills found entire HR team is missing”, said Edwin Lewis, safety officer in charge of the drill exercise.

“Upon my enquiry I found though the HR team have office cubicles here, they spend their entire day at the nearby food court. So, I thought let me do a special drill exclusively for the HR team around 11 AM today” added Mr. Lewis.

Admin Manager of the IT park acknowledged it was his mistake of not informing HR team’s location to Mr. Lewis beforehand.

“Courier persons, Food Delivery agents, all of them knows about it. Even HR team’s relatives, friends who come to visit them first check them at food court. I thought Mr. Lewis goes to so many IT Parks, so I thought, he might be aware of HR team’s preferred location inside IT parks”, told Admin manager Jyotiranjan P.

The fire drill exercise in IT parks gives good business to nearby pubs, restaurants and multiplexes. “Yes, after attendance is taken, most of the techies go out to have a glass of beer or catch the latest movie. That’s why pub owner and multiplex manager request me to arrange one drill at least every quarter”, said Jyotiranjan.