Sports academies face shortage of bats and hockey sticks as Bajrang Dal starts net practice for the Valentine's Day

23, Jan 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. It’s that time of the year again, people.


That horrid day when all the lovey-dovey couples on your Facebook timeline will send each other digital hearts and all the loveless losers will either try to mask their loneliness with unfunny memes that should have honorably died ages ago. It’s also the time when couples will be beaten up by the Bajrang Dal members.

The Bajrang Dal members have started their preparations for the romantic week as they have bought many bats and hockey sticks from the market. Bajrang Dal is a very professional organization where they give importance to practice before implementing their plans. They work on the angles from which they should beat a couple, the minutest details of how to give a proper blow to the couples. This time Bajrang dal is going tech-savvy with the use of google maps to find parks with maximum couples. Google Maps has added a special feature where the parks having more density of couples will be shown in red color just like how the traffic status is shown nowadays.

The Sports academics have complained to the sports ministry about how they are facing an acute shortage of bats and hockey sticks. The government will soon limit the number of bats and hockey sticks that Bajrang dal can buy at one go.