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Student expelled from school for wearing pink underwear moves HC

16, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Indore. A student, who was expelled from a local school for wearing pink underwear, has moved to High Court to seek justice. 16-year-old Jayant Chaddidhar was expelled from Holy Brief High School after he refused to follow the circular issued by the school that disallowed students from wearing pink underwears.

Jayant believes that wearing underwear is a private matter and his school has no business interfering in these matters.

“I am sure the honorable court will find it ridiculous. When I joined the school, nowhere in the rulebook it was mentioned that I couldn’t wear a pink underwear. Now suddenly they made such a rule, which clearly violates my individual freedom, scuttles my personal choices and mocks my way of life. Our constitution grants us liberty, equality and dignity, and I will fight for my rights,” Jayant said.

Various civil rights groups too have criticized Jayant’s school administration and have termed the anti-underwear circular as being narrow-minded, retrogressive, fascist and draconian.

“Men and boys have long been ridiculed for wearing pink. The bigots have termed them gay and what not, and now this Holy Brief School has gone a step further. This clearly is a retrogressive step at a time when gays have got legitimacy from courts. We can’t allow this fascism to go on. Wearing pink is normal and we all know that underwear is a private matter,” Manav Mehta, a leading civil rights activist thundered.

When Faking News tried to contact Holy Brief School administration to get their reaction, our correspondent was chased away by the security guards. The principal of the school finally agreed to talk to us when our correspondent could convince him that we were not a regular news media organization.

Jayant with his pink underwear
Jayant with his pink underwear

“Why can’t you dimwits check your crap for accuracy before making and breaking a news? How many times I have to tell you morons that Jayant was expelled for wearing his underwear OVER his trousers? We don’t give a damn if a person wears pink or purple underwear. We also don’t give a damn if he chooses not to wear any underwear at all. Yes, underwear is a private matter till you wear it INSIDE your trousers, but when you wear your underwear OVER your trousers, it ceases to be a private matter,” Father Karl, principal of Holy Brief High School fumed.

Father Karl also argued that rulebook of a school was not any constitution of India where each possible stuff would be written but not followed. He hoped that High Court will not pass a ‘ridiculous’ judgment under the false premise of protection of individual rights and personal liberty as the case is of organizational discipline and public decency.

But it seems that Father Karl will have tough time defending his arguments in the court, as the lawyer of Jayant is all set to position this case as an attack on matters of faith as opposed to violation of public decency. The lawyer is going to argue that Jayant belongs to a minority faith that considers Superman as a revered and exemplary figure.

“Since Superman wore his underwear over his trousers, the followers of this faith consider it righteous to do the same. Superman has been publicly accepted by the society and we have never heard from anyone that Superman’s attire was indecent. It’s a clear case of interference in matters of faith rather than discipline, public decency or any other sham being put forward by the school administration,” Jayant’s lawyer Phanish Golawala argued.