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Student with 6/6 eyesight asks doctor to give him lenses to do well in IIT-JEE

11, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Patna. Convinced that thick specs make one scholarly and help with studies, Vikas, a class 12th pass student for two years, has asked his doctor to prescribe him vision corrective lenses even though his eyesight is perfect 6/6.

“Any lens will do, convex or concave,” Vikas is reported to have told his doctor, proving his love for Physics, one of the subjects he needs to excel at in order to qualify for admission to the top IITs.

Corrective lenses
The goal is crystal clear

Vikas has been unsuccessful in clearing the IIT-JEE preliminary exams on the last two occasions, but is planning to be third time lucky.

To make sure his luck is with him this time, the engineering aspirant wants to wear thick glasses – something he has seen common among those who are good at academics.

Vikas claims to have googled and read up a research paper published in reputed journals like and, where it was argued that wearing vision corrective glasses improved the intelligence and smartness of human brain.

“While reading, lenses help to create comparatively more powerful impressions on you retina. You know, like reading everything in bold letters in bigger font,” Vikas explained.

“Stronger the impression on retina, stronger is the eclectic signal relayed to the brain via optic nerves. It helps your brains get charged and get a razor sharp memory. It also increases the general smartness level,” claimed Vikas, thanks to the eye enlarging opening research that he stumbled upon a few days back.

Vikas has got full support of his family in this decision, as it’s his last chance to clear IITs. No one in the family wants to take any risk.

“One can get new eyes and people do donate eyes, but no one donates their reputed engineering degrees. So it’s a risk worth taking,” Vikas’ father told Faking News.