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Students beat up roomie for putting emptied Maggi pan in sink without scraping the leftover

04, Dec 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: Two engineering students from Bengaluru have reportedly beaten up their room mate for not scraping the layer of Maggi noodles from the emptied pan in which it was cooked.

Maggi leading to violence after its comeback
Maggi leading to violence after its comeback

Abhijeet is a fast food lover staying with 2 other college mates in a two room apartment. Being a bully by nature, he is said to have dominated the other guys in his apartment right from the time they rented it.

It was a regular Friday evening and the maid servant as usual went on leave giving some flimsy excuse. With no other option left, Abhijeet decided to take matters in his own hands.

He ordered his roomies to cut onion, carrot and other veggies so he could act like a master chef and “prepare” the 2 minute noodles. As he started cooking, the appetizing aroma of noodles filled the apartment creating a sense of food security for that night.

In sometime, all of them were found licking their noodle bowls as they watched season 1 of TVF Pitchers on YouTube. Suddenly, they realized that none of them had scraped through the cooking pan for those tasty last bits.

As they rushed towards the kitchen, it was found that the pan was already in sink with water up to its brim. Upon mutual questioning, it was found that Abhijeet had put the pan in sink as part of apartment’s best practices.

Showing no respect for the bully in Abhijeet, the other two roomies beat him up badly leaving him in tatters. As the neighbors heard his screams, they intimated the police who later called Faking News to prepare a report of this incident.

As the incident was petty enough, all the roommates were asked by the police to apologize to each other and left with a warning not to indulge in brawls going forward and lead peaceful lives as bachelors.