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Students discussing Counter Strike strategy at airport detained on suspicion of being terrorists

14, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. In a shocking incident, two engineering students of ‘Lakeer Ke Fakeer Institute of Technology’ (LFIT) were detained from city airport on suspicion of being terrorists. Later, police released them after realizing that they were actually discussing Counter Strike game strategy.

“I overheard them using terms like bomb plant, bomb site A, bomb site B, headshot, sniper, hand grenade, which scared the hell out of me. Although they were looking like normal teenagers, but I decided not to take any chance,” said Manohar Shukla, the person who informed police after sensing possible danger.

Counter Strike
The avatar of the duo

“It all sounded too violent,” he added.

Anuj and Monu, the “suspects”, were members of a counter strike clan named “Khamosh Knigahein” and used to play with pseudonym Murtaza Arzai and Paasha Firangi.

“While discussion, we were calling each other by our pseudonyms and were planning for next match against our enemy clan, ‘RAW’,” revealed Anuj while talking to Faking News, “Looks like we were confused as ISI guys. But we are not from ISI, we are from KK (Khamosh Knigahein).”

Delhi Police sources confirmed that though initially they were reluctant, they detained the duo as ISI had been using new tricks.

“Spiked hairstyle, low waist jeans, iPod, fluent English, they didn’t appear like normal terrorists. But, we assumed that they were new age terrorists trained in Pakistan with help from US money,” said Prahlad Singh, the officer who led the police team involved in the operation.

Immediately after detention and questioning by the police, the duo clarified that they were second year engineering students and were discussing important “projects”. They offered the police to thoroughly check all their belongings.

A team of experts seized their laptops and every file of the laptop was scanned for any suspicious activity.

“We found 25 GB of music files in C:\My Music, 200 GB video files in C:\WindowsSystem32driversnrop, an empty folder called D:\Acads and whole lot of files related to computer games. There were some Pakistani connections like but there were no files containing sensitive information regarding national security,” a cyber expert of Delhi Police revealed.

Unable to find any incriminating evidence, the police later released the duo on conditions that they will keep the police updated about their activities. The latest reports suggest that the duo have already invited the police team to play Counter Strike.