Supreme Court to decide on the maximum number of people the same soan papdi box gets passed on to

21, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. And as much as we all love the festive gatherings of Diwali, family get-togethers and exchanging gifts, not all of us are keen to receive the boxes of Soan Papdi. Soan Papdi jokes and memes have started trending as Diwali 2019 is nearing. The same box of Soan papdi gets transferred from one hand to another. In fact, Newton’s first law of Diwali says that the number of soan papdi boxes in the world is constant.


It is just that they exchange hands. Supreme Court has intervened in the most important Indian festival before too, and this time it is intervening for the good. Supreme court will decide in a day or to the maximum number of people to whom the soan papdi box gets passed on to.  The number is not decided yet and it will be decided once there are arguments presented by all sides. The Supreme Court will hear all parties and will also see historical data to arrive upon the number.

The discussion will be telecasted on national TV and all HR people are waiting for the judgment so that they can start packing all the boxes. Employees are happy that after the judgment they can get some new type of sweets this time around.