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Surgeon fails to find skin beneath lipstick layers of a socialite, calls ASI for help

24, Jan 2016 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi. This shocking incident happened to respected and renowned socialite Jazz, earlier called Jasmeet Kaur, who is married to a leading property dealer in Delhi NCR Gullu Kapoor.

Jazz  is renowned for her hard work she puts before going to parties. Per week, she spends around 40  hours in beauty parlor, 30 hours in slimming center, 35 hours in a boutique, and 30 hours in her surgeon’s clinic.

The incident, which took place yesterday, was preceded by an event to raise funds for the poor, where Jazz was deeply engaged in conversation with three other socialites gathered there to help India become a better place. The conversation was about fuller lips and how every model or actress was going under the knife to get lips like Angelina Jolie, Priyanka Chopra, and of late Anushka Sharma.

A small portion of what was recovered by the doctor
A small portion of what was recovered by the doctor

By the time the fundraising event was over, all of the socialites came to the common conclusion that each of them must undergo a lip enhancement surgery.

Jazz fixed up the appointment with city’s leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rum Whiskeywala. She told the surgeon that she was happy with her lips but she wanted to make them fuller.

“Like we are happy with our country, but we want to make it better,” she explained to the surgeon who agreed after swiping her credit card.

Doctor then showed her a catalogue having images of animals like Orangutan and other mammals and fishes with fuller lips. Jazz zeroed down on one animal.

Operation theater was readied with favorite colored LED bulbs of Jazz, after which she was given anesthesia by the doctor. To his horror, he spent the entire one hour cleaning the lipstick layers only. They were so thick and layered that he started using scalpel to scrap the layers, but had to give up after 70 minutes.

Bas sattar minute the mere paas, but I failed,” the doctor told Faking News. He further said that after giving up, he called up his friend in ASI (Archaeological Survey of  India),which didn’t have any challenging assignments since Unnao in UttarPradesh, where they tried to dig gold at a place seen by a Sadhu in his dream.

Sources say that ASI is finding the current assignment even more challenging. “Well, we could find a gold tooth behind the lips, but we are yet to find the natural lip,” an ASI official confirmed. The efforts were on till reports last came in.