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Techie applies for People Manager's role in Ganesh Utsav committee after feeling stagnation in career

19, Jul 2015 By Harsh

Pune: Indian economy is not in good shape and it is taking time to pick itself up. But that’s not the main worry for Vinod, 32 year old IT engineer in Wipelow’s Pune office. Vinod is more worried about US economy not taking right turns and with each passing day his dream of touching US shores are getting blurred.

Huge crowd during Ganesh Utsav, time to call a techie
Huge crowd during Ganesh Utsav, time to call a techie

This year he is completing 10 years in the IT industry. He has not moved far in his career even after excellent work record, good ratings, many certifications, extracurricular activities, mentoring etc. Vinod not only put his 110% in the job to get an opportunity for onsite, he also kept his marriage plans on hold.

He thought of meeting REAL girls (not men pretending to be women on Indian dating sites) through dating site in US and then decide ‘RIGHT’ life partner, instead of marring his parent’s pick from

Earlier his year he had biggest shock of life when one and only onsite position in the project was given to a relative of Project Manager despite Vinod being the ideal and most experienced consultant available.

This was the final straw. Vinod finally accepted that there is no way forward from here in his job. He need to find  other ways to make his career go somewhere. He thought for couple for weeks but couldn’t think any alternative.

One day while coming back from office after client call at 11 PM he met Manya near his house.  Manya is main organizer of Ganesh Utsav committee and at this point he was looking for someone who would help him to manage crowd during Ganesh Utsav.

Manya asked Vinod if he can help him with managing people during rush hour. Vinod was about to say ‘No’ but the words ‘People’ and ‘Manage’ struck him. He instantly went into dream mode. He saw himself ordering people to maintain discipline, follow the rule, not to create noise.

He became very emotional after getting a glimpse of opportunity where he had to pass orders instead of receiving it. He has been getting orders, instructions, suggestions from client, PM, onsite coordinator, HR managers and god knows whom.

He thanked Lord Ganesha for choosing him for this prestigious position and said a loudest ‘YES’ to Manya. Manya couldn’t understand why Vinod was so happy but asked him to come for a meeting the next day.

Vinod is now practicing hard to speak with authority and confidence which he has completely lost in last 10 years.