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Techie even after becoming ‘Sr. Tech Specialist’ still does what he used to do as software engineer

19, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash B working for a leading software company headquartered here in Bengaluru has seen a lot of changes in his sixteen years career in the IT industry. One thing has not changed like fresher’s starting salary, that is his day to day activities what he does for the company.

“Six promotions in sixteen years is not bad. From a software trainee to software engineer, then senior software engineer, lead engineer, tech specialist and then my latest promotion to Sr. tech specialist a couple of months back. But daily I do the same job what I used to do when I got my first project as software engineer,” said Prakash while speaking to us.

“Over the years the major change I have noticed is the easy accessibility to the code in google. But there are senior people in my company from PV Narasimha Rao’s time who give same comment. Nomenclature for variable names or comments against code must meet quality guidelines set by our SQA (software quality assurance) process,” said Prakash.  

Prakash highlighted few other things that has not changed and will never change in IT industry.  

Prakash said, “HR still arrange three mandatory training for us every six months on Quality management, time management and Agile process. Every year we will have team bonding exercise in Ramanagara where project team members will hold a rope while climbing the rock. Only change is now rope is quite thick and strong as most of us have added extra weight to our bodies. Of course, we celebrate all festivals in our office that our clients in US celebrate.”

Before we sign off Prakash remembered few words of wisdom from a famous IT industry veteran. “See day to day how you can create value in what you do. Every day while sitting in office cab, I think how much values I have created for the day,” said Prakash.