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Techie falls into borewell, was chatting on his smartphone while walking on road

19, Jun 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Gurgaon. In a freak accident, a software engineer Dhartiputra Patalgade a.k.a. Prince fell into a 60 feet deep borewell, which had been left uncovered by a careless contractor building a road for the last three years.

While people are still surprised at how Prince landed into the borewell pit, sources tell that he was walking on the road while chatting with his friends on WhatsApp. He didn’t realize when he drifted from the road and entered a barren land where this fateful borewell was waiting for some media coverage.

Man on road
Or if you want, you can walk while watching road through mobile camera.

To his credit, after falling into the borewell Prince didn’t panic at all. He calmly started tweeting about it.

“Fell into a borewell! Is this achchhe din?” tweeted Prince, which immediately attracted attention of everyone on Twitter. People started abusing and supporting him, and soon he was trending in India.

A leading news channel started the #savePrince hashtag even as Prince posted his selfie from inside the pit to tell people that he was safe.

But the panic struck when he saw a ‘Battery Low’ warning on his phone and realized that he can’t remain online for long.

Prince made frantic appeals asking his friends to save him, but no one noticed his tweets as he hadn’t put the #savePrince hashtag. Everyone was tweeting to get featured on the prime time show of the TV channel.

Frustrated, Prince started abusing one and all. He also posted some abusive comments about Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing him for ‘Bure Din’. That’s when the state police really swung into action and started looking for him. Using the location feature of Twitter they quickly traced his location. At this point, cops realized that they needed to rescue him before arresting.

Rahul Khurana, the contractor who dug the borewell, meanwhile went underground fearing arrest as the news was discussed widely on the mainstream and social media.

In an exclusive interview to Faking News he told reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™, “This guy had his eyes rooted on his smartphone screen and ears plugged with headphones. Walking on road with ears and eyes elsewhere, I would say he was lucky that he fell in borewell and did not come under a vehicle. Because of such hi-tech zombies, innocent people like me have to face the consequences.”

Back in ground zero, police team and rescue team were struggling to take the next step. Reports suggest that even before police could arrive, activists from an NGO had reached the spot and staged protests against the delay in rescue operations. Activists didn’t allow the rescue team to proceed for 12 hours until DSP Chulbul Pandey convinced them that there will be no further delays.

All this while Prince’s condition was fast deteriorating with every %age drop in his phone’s battery level. A mobile charger was dropped into the borewell so that prince can charge his phone and continue living his normal life. At the time of filing this report, efforts were on to get him out of the borewell.