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Techie who gave 20k treat for his ‘outstanding’ rating, shocked to find his net salary going up by just Rs 500

13, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Techie Sandeep Agarwal has written to his manager, ‘Do whatever you want to do with my career, but ‘outstanding’ rating is the last thing I want in this organization’. This is email he wrote after he saw his revised salary package. He will get an increment of 500 rupees for his ‘outstanding’ performance in last one year.

This is what Sandeep had to say while speaking to us. He said, “I joined this company a year and half back. This was my first formal appraisal. Even before I came to know about my own rating, as it happens everywhere all my colleagues knew about it.”

He added, “My manager, manager’s manager, our business unit head, my client-side manager, director, office boy, receptionist, few colleagues were in all praise for me. My manager did not hesitate to remind me every time he congratulated me, how he has played a big part by showcasing my case and then fighting against other managers to prove I am the best in this business unit. Aftercall company bell-curve mandates only 2 in 100 can get outstanding rating. As per him, it was not easy.”

As colleagues asked for treat, Sandeep agreed to take them for lunch. “Mujhe kya pata tha ki outstanding rating ka value sirf 500 rupees increment hota hai, then I would have waited for the increment letter first. To decide what rating will be given, these managers had multiple meetings starting from January. My guess is, amount of money they spent on eating Pizza while fighting over our cases, would be more than the money they gave as increment,” said Sandeep.

However, Sandeep sees a positive side on this meager hike.

“My colleagues who got average, average plus ratings were angry with me thinking I am the biggest chamcha of my manager. After knowing the hike amount we all have got, we are all friends again,” said Sandeep.