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Techie immediately switches to US accent when few girls walk into metro coach

02, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Tushar Pradhan, a techie immediately switched his accent after he saw few girls entering the metro coach.

Tushar’s office colleague Praveen, who travels with him every day in the metro to office was surprised with the sudden switch. He narrated us what happened inside metro.

“We were talking about few critical bugs we are facing in the current customer project. Tushar was facing towards the door through which few good-looking girls entered the metro coach at Indiranagar metro station. I could not see them, what I noticed the sudden change in his accent,” said Praveen.

“I could not understand a bit of what he was speaking post that. After all those girls got down at MG Road station, Tushar was his usual self. Took a deep breath as he was holding his tummy tight for full ten minutes,” said Praveen.

Praveen was surprised from where Tushar learnt this accent which no body will understand.

“It was not US accent as he has only gone once to US, that too for a short-term stint of seven days in last nine years of his career. May be some YouTube Channel as he watches a lot of them,” said Praveen

Tushar has some unique qualities. Praveen witnessed one more while returning from office.

“When we boarded, only one seat was available. I told him to sit as he was complaining about headache from morning. There was an old aunty who was standing next to me. Tushar ignored her, however stood up to offer the sit to a young girl as soon as he noticed her,” said Praveen.

While walking back home Praveen asked Tushar about it, he said, “Arre Yaar, aunty mobile check nahin kar rahi thi, woh bichari ladki gir jaati na metro rush mein whatsapp karti huyee”.