Techie requests boss to give zero appraisal as last year he spent all appraisal money plus extra money giving party to colleagues

27, Jun 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Unlike conventional appraisal meetings where IT engineers beg for higher appraisal ratings, onsite opportunity we came across a unique case where the engineer requested his boss to rate him as low as possible, if possible, a zero rating.


While talking to us on the logic behind it, techie Hrishikesh said, “Last time my manger gave me A plus for which I got 10k annual increment. Idhar sab ko, mere office colleagues, friends, current girlfriend, past girlfriends sabko pata chala gaya. Everyone demanded a special treat for my special rating. Woh 7k toh gaya (post tax), on top of it I took a personal loan to sponsor all those treats”.

Hrishikesh is holding his manager responsible for being trapped in debt burden, for his poor cibil score.

“Jitna bhi request karo, my manager does not listen. I was telling give me a low grade where there is no hike, he did not care. His argument was I have worked round the clock, even answered his calls while taking my nature calls, so I deserved excellent rating. Side effects of that ratings he cannot be held responsible as hike amount is decided by company top management. How silly!” told Hrishikesh.

This time Hrishikesh has given an ultimatum to his manager. “If I get a good rating, I am quitting this job. There are many managers outside who would be happy to take me as low ratings help them to maintain their ratings bell curve”, Hrishikesh said.

“This year I want to take all the treats from those top performers. I am tracking everyone’s rating. Even the ones who will get B+ ratings also, I won’t leave them. Let them also suffer like me”, Hrishikesh added.