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Tensions run high as wife utters name of ex during love making

16, Aug 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida. In a major relationship gaffe, Savita, 29, blurted out the name of her ex-boyfriend last night when she was in a passionate union with Rajan, 34, her husband for the last three years. This accidental but scandalous slip of tongue by the wife has reportedly put the relationship between the couple on the rocks even as the neighbors termed the situation as tense but under control.

“There appears something amiss. Usually Savita would stand in the balcony and wave good-byes in the morning when Rajan leaves for office. Nothing of that sort happened today,” observed Mrs. Gupta, one of the neighbors residing in the opposite apartment block of the same housing society.

According to well placed sources, the couple were having a good time in the bed and passions were soaring high when Savita, with closed eyes and clenched fists, moaned two fatal words – oh Sanju!

Angry Couple
Savita and Rajan have not been speaking to each other since the goof-up occurred last night

“Shit! My eyes opened with a flash and my hands fell dead on the bed as soon as I realized what I had done,” said a pensive and distressed Savita.

“I tried my best to save the situation by clasping my arms around Rajan and smiling at him, as if appreciating what he was doing, but clearly he was in no mood of appreciation of what I had done,” she recalled.

Showing admirable restraint, Rajan reportedly didn’t make a scene in the middle of the night and quietly slept off without any post-play. But tension was palpable in the air as the couple feigned sleep with their backs facing each other and eyes staring at the opposite walls of the bedroom.

“It was pretty much insulting and devastating,” said a glum Rajan, whose usual warmth in the office was felt absent by almost everyone except his boss, who gave him a sermon on office etiquettes when he found Rajan logged into his Facebook account as soon as the working hours began.

“I think he was checking profiles of all the people named ‘Sanjay’ in his wife’s friends list when that fat man intruded,” said Rajan’s colleague and facebook expert Kaushik, who was staring at Rajan’s computer screen while the boss (fat man) gave a dressing down to Rajan.

Talking exclusively to Faking News, Rajan later conceded that he indeed was trying to find out details of the ‘Sanju’ his wife had remembered last night, in all probability ‘Sanjay’ being his real name.

“I don’t know what I’d do with that, but I’m just curious,” said a visibly confused and upset Rajan.

“Maybe furious too,” he added.

Meanwhile Savita too had been grappling with the crisis and looking for help from whatever quarters she could manage. She even called a ‘Love Guru’ on some local FM channel, who advised her to come clean and tell her husband about her past affairs.

“What a jerk!” Savita said as she reckoned Love Guru’s solution completely unhelpful, even though she accepted that Rajan had most probably guessed that she had a boyfriend nicknamed ‘Sanju’ and perhaps she would need to accept it sooner or later.

“But I don’t want to accept it. Did he tell me about his earlier relationships? I’m sure he must have had them too,” she said, exposing the delicate stage through which their relationship was going due to the last night’s gaffe.

Caught in this mess and inner turmoil, Savita was seriously considering following the suggestion given by her best friend from school Pavitra, who suggested her to accept having a relationship with their schoolmate Sanjukta, who had been out of touch with almost all others for years now.

“Tell him that you are lesbian, no, bisexual, and this ‘Sanju’ is not any man but a woman named Sanjukta. I guess a man’s ego can take it easier than having to confront another man in his woman’s life, even if it was her past,” argued Pavitra, who sounded convincing to Savita.