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Terrorist accidentally saves a life, people claim he has a religion

23, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After insisting that terrorists had no religion, many such commentators flipped their stand completely after a terrorist saved the life of a human being my mistake.

The terrorist, HB666 (name changed by Faking News to honor secularism) was taking a morning walk when he pulled back a little kid who would have otherwise fatally hit by a speeding truck.

“He has a religion, and it was religion that inspired him to save a human life. Our holy book says that saving a human life is the biggest duty of a human being,” insisted a religious man who had earlier insisted that people like HB666 had no religion.

Religion of terrorists?
One of such politically correct commentator turning his back to the reality to show what he thinks is the reality

“They kill people for personal and selfish goals. Our religion doesn’t teach this,” the man had earlier tweeted.

According to an estimate, HB666 has been personally involved in death of at least 300 people, who were killed in various terrorist attacks ever since he joined a terror group after watching a YouTube video (as claimed and confirmed by the Governemt of India).

Even though HB666 always claimed that his inhuman actions and medieval thoughts were derived completely from his religious beliefs, commentators rejected his claims.

“He doesn’t know what religion is. He has totally missed the essence of it,” cultured and responsible commentators would insist.

They stuck to this trend of dismissing the terrorist’s assertions about motives behind his acts even when he saved a life. Though HB666 never claimed that it was his religious belief that inspired him to save a life, these commentators foisted their own interpretation of religion on the hapless terrorist.

“I don’t know. I saw this truck that would have almost certainly killed this kid. I pulled the kid towards myself, slapped him for being reckless, and went ahead with my morning walk,” HB666 recounted the whole process that had no religious reference at all.

Author and scientist Richard Dawkins tried to explain the behavior of HB666 though the concept of “the selfish gene” but he was asked to shut up and labeled a “bigot”.

“He is a religiousophobe fascist who doesn’t want to credit religion even where it is due,” the commentators claimed about Dawkins and hailed the deeds of HB666.

Meanwhile HB666 is repenting his deeds as the kid he saved belonged to a different religion.