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The only man to quit cigarettes after watching anti-tobacco messages in movie theaters to be honored

08, Oct 2014 By Akash

New Delhi.  Health Ministry was today finally successful in tracing down the only success story of anti-tobacco video clips shown before movies and anti-smoking warnings flashed on screen during movies in theaters across the nation.

Amit would start puking at this point.
Amit would almost start puking at this point.

An official confirmed the news to Faking News, “Yes, you have heard it right. Our employees were working day and night to trace such a man who is actually inspired from such messages. Now finally they have succeeded in their mission. Hopefully success story of Mr. Amit Lal will inspire others to quit smoking.”

Health Ministry has decided to honor Amit Lal, the 25 years old quitter, for this remarkable act of quitting smoking.

Amit may also be asked to deliver a speech, urging other smokers to have same introspection, which he had when he watched those messages. In fact, he would soon be part of one of such video message and people would also find his picture on cigarette packs.

However, the government’s claim has been rejected by smokers, who have termed Amit’s story as a “hoax”.

But Faking News can confirm that Amit Lal exists. In an exclusive interview give to us, Amit credited the ‘Mukesh Harane’ video in particular that motivated him to kick the butt.

“Whenever that video would run, I will stand up and start thinking if I too could end up in one such video,” Amit said, “Well, I have ended being in one such video, but it’s for a greater good.”

Amit’s friends too confirmed that he indeed used to stand up and people around wondered if the national anthem had started playing again.

“He is a very sensitive and disciplined guy,” one of his friends claimed, “In the first year of college, he didn’t even use to watch movies that were certified ‘A’ (for adults only) by our Censor Board. Even on laptop. We knew he would do something amazing. We are proud of him.”