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This summer, malls in Delhi to charge people enjoying AC but coming out without buying anything

07, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In order to stop growing misuse of malls by Delhiites who often go there for beating the heat rather than shopping, Malls in Delhi have decided to charge people who come out of their premises without purchasing anything.

With mercury levels soaring in the capital like never before, the malls claim they are making huge losses due to people who spend hours inside the malls to enjoy the free of cost Air-Conditioners and come out without even a toffee in hand.

Mall in Rajouri Garden
Mall in Rajouri Garden

“More number of people means extra load on the compressors, which means more electricity bills and servicing costs,” explained a manager of a posh mall in West Delhi.

The mall association of Delhi took this decision to charge after all their attempts to keep window shoppers at bay failed.

“We tried to dissuade those who looked like lukhkhas from entering the mall by making our security guards at the entrance pretend that the AC of the mall was not working,” a MAD official revealed, “but instead of discouraging them, we ended up sending back people who looked like potential shoppers.”

“We even water cannoned few of them outside, but that further increased the footfalls, with more people coming in and deliberately creating ruckus in hope of us throwing water on them too,” he went on to disclose.

This is when malls decided to charge such people for electricity consumption.

Making use of technology, malls will give people guest-cards with digital timers at the entrance the moment a person enters the premises. The timers will automatically start and will stop only after the guest has reached the exit gate.

“If the person is found to have purchased nothing, he will be charged for electricity charges the mall spent on him, which will be calculated on the basis of time spent and number of people who accompanied him,” sources from MAD tell Faking News.

Meanwhile reports are coming in that some people have found a way out in this setback as well. While some are purchasing a 50 paise toffee from grocery shops, others have purchased an underwear and come every day for alteration as if they have purchased a sherwani or something.