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This winter intellectual decides to sleep with the AC on, to share the plight of the homeless people

13, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Delhi: In a very kind gesture, a renowned intellectual has declared his intention to sleep with the AC on to share the plight of the homeless people.

Homeless people keeping themselves warm
Homeless people keeping themselves warm

This winter Delhi again expects to face a severe winter where the mercury is rarely expected to leave single digits. His way of supporting those not fortunate enough to have an abode is generating immense acclaim amongst fellow intellectuals and some media personalities.

This follows a similar thoughtful step of the Delhi Government to launch an Android app for the homeless people who own flagship Android devices, enabling them to find the nearest homeless shelters.

Our reporter spoke to the renowned intellectual at his South Delhi residence, “Couple of days ago as I was returning from a conference in town, I noticed a bunch of people huddled together desperately trying to salvage some heat from a dying fire and it moved me to tears when my chauffer explained they have nowhere to go. That when I decided to do something. If they suffer I suffer, I then decided to sleep every night with the AC on 16°C to replicate conditions similar to those faced by them, and this would be a true tribute to their grit and mettle.”

When the reporter asked wouldn’t it have been better if had tried to actually make their life better so that they won’t need to sleep outdoors anymore, he reportedly started screaming fascist sanghi, intolerant and threw him out of his house.

The intellectual will also bury himself under a mountain of blankets he found at a nearby relief center so as to negate any ill effect of the cooling. After this move the Delhi CM is thinking of introducing a scheme to make people sleep outdoors on alternate days so that the homeless people don’t feel left alone.