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Three generations of a family doing engineering could not finish one bathing soap

11, Jun 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Ramakrishna, a retired Government official was in tears while attending his grandson Vijay’s convocation ceremony. It was tears of Joy as Vijay became the third-generation engineer in his family. Immediately after the convocation ceremony, Vijay proudly showed the ‘Mysore Sandal Soap’ which his father gifted him when he joined the college in 2015.


“Dadaji, this is the same soap which you gave to Dad and the same one he gave it to me as part of our family parampara”, Vijay told Ramakrishna. “You and Dad at least finished seventy percent of the soap; I have hardly used it. Feel one more generation can still manage with this soap. Will keep it in my bank locker for my kid”, added Vijay.

“Unfortunately, granddad I could not save our family bed sheet and pillow cover. As I did not wash them for last two years, they just torn into pieces. Feel sad about it”, told Vijay.

Vijay then elaborated few days like Halley’s comet when he used the ‘special’ soap. “Normally I take bath once a quarter as mandated by our hostel warden. But the soap I used on special occasions like the day when Girls from ladies hostel visited our hostel as part of our hostel day function or some special days like today’s convocation day or Ganesh Puja day”.

Looking at engineers like Vijay’s ultra-saving nature when it comes to usage of bathing soap, detergent and water, big FMCG companies like HUL and ITC have requested PM Modi to form another high-level committee to look after Swachchta of our engineering students. “We can not run our business only on basis of deodorants. Government must do something”, told director of a FMCG company.