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Tinder servers crash after record no of sign-ins after Supreme Court makes Adultery a Non-Criminal offence

27, Sep 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: Adultery is no longer a crime in India even though, “without a shadow of a doubt”, it can be grounds for divorce, the Supreme Court said today, scrapping a 158-year law that punished a man for an affair but not the woman, treating her as property. The Supreme court judgment was welcomed by all married Indians. Even some non-married people joined in the celebrations as they know they will be married in the future.


Ravi Shastri, Karan Johar, Emran Hashmi were the first ones to come out in support of the verdict and they will host a grand party to celebrate the decision. But the main news related to the verdict is that Tinder servers in India crashed after millions of people logged in together to find new friends. Even Mechanical and Civil Engineers who are not married or don’t have a girlfriend also started doing sign-ins.

Tinder CEO has come out in defense of the software saying ” The software was meant to fulfill particular capacity, but after the verdict, we installed 2 more servers, but the numbers were so high that our servers crashed. We are trying to resolve the issue. Till then I appeal to people to have some patience”. The government has also ordered dating sites to install powerful servers and give the customers what they want. 2019 election result may also be decided on whether dating sites are working properly or not. Such is the impact of today’s verdict.

Well, all married men and even some single men have to wait for some time hoping that the Tinder issue is resolved soon. Till then they can just thank the Supreme court for making their life easy.