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Tired of numerous emails from Dr. Batra, person starts wearing wig and surprisingly stops receiving emails

11, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Dr.Batra claims to be a homeopathic doctor and has a chain of clinics all over India. More than a doctor, he’s an excellent marketer.  As far as ‘how he knows my email id’ is concerned, it’s not a rocket science. Databases are available for the money. Mobile companies, credit card companies, all have your email id. But there is still no answer to ‘How does Dr. Batra know that I am losing my hair?’ question. As soon as you lose hair, you will surely start getting emails from Dr. Batra. And if you don’t start getting emails from Dr. Batra then you are not getting bald as of now.

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Sanil Jain, an entrepreneur based out of Mumbai made a mockery of Dr. Batra emails. Sanil procured a wig for himself and started wearing it. It worked big time. After wearing the wig, Sanil hasn’t received a single call from Dr. Batra. From Sanil’s story it is quite clear that Dr. Batra has his tea doing a survey of each and every area of Mumbai and as soon as they see a person with less hair, they get his email Id and start offering him their renowned hair transplant packages.

It’s really not difficult to get somebody’s email id in the era of downloading of apps and providing access to all the information on the mobile. Or for that matter, social media too. And Dr. Batra is a pioneer in the field of getting email Ids. In fact when the Indian intelligence squads fail to trace contact details of terrorists or criminals they take help of Dr. Batra to check if the email Id of a criminal is genuine or not.