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TMC clarifies the youth attempted to murder himself by provoking party workers, hence the charge

06, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

Kolkata. TMC has now claimed that the youth who slapped Mamata Banerjee’s nephew was charged with ‘attempt to murder’, not for slapping Abhishek Banerjee, but for inviting murder on himself by indulging in this act.

Senior TMC leaders pointed to the unconscious youth as he was lying in hospital with deep wounds on his head, to strengthen their claims.

“Just look at his condition. He is fighting for his life on the hospital bed. If this is not an act of trying to murder yourself, then what is?” asked Derek O’brien.

The actual 'attempt to murder' after this.
The actual ‘attempt to murder’ took place after this.

“His acts forced innocent TMC workers to beat him up brutally and he could have easily been dead had there been few more blows by them,” he added, as he asked Police to slap few more criminal charges on the youth.

“Since attempting to commit suicide has already been decriminalized, Police had to charge him under some criminal offence. Hence they decided to charge him for attempting to murder himself,” Derek concluded.

TMC also argued that every sane person by now knows what happens to him when he goes against the party or its leadership.

“We have on many instances in the past shown what our leaders and workers are capable of, if some one revolts or speaks against us,” Abhishek told Faking News.

“If that guy still has the guts to do what he did, then it is confirmed that he did it on purpose,” he added.

TMC further claimed that Debashish Acharya, the youth in question also provoked them through color of his clothes.

“Before he jumped on to the stage, we saw him taking off his blue and white colored jacket, to expose a red color vest. It was pretty obvious. He wanted to get attacked by us,” argued a TMC supporter (charged with culpable homicide, not amounting to murder), as he recovered from the shock and pain of mercilessly assaulting Debashish.

“And when we saw red color blood oozing out of his face and head, we got more agitated and ended up beating him up more than we set out for,” another TMC supporter squarely laid the blame of Debashish’s critical condition on him.