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To attract girls' attention, engineer found eating more and more to look like Teddy Bear

28, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Bangalore. Considering the fact the girls around the world like soft toys, Anuj Gupta, a software engineer by profession, has been found eating more and more and avoiding physical labor, so that his body gets in the shape of Teddy Bear and he succeeds in attracting girls’ attention.

Anuj deduced this Teddy-Bear theory as a girl in his company friendzoned him after accepting his gift, which was a Teddy Bear. She shook hands with Anuj while hugged the bear, leaving the young engineer as alone as he was during college days.

Teddy Bear
Shortcut to success

Currently, Anuj weighs 70 kg and he is targeting to achieve the figure of 120 kg in the next three months, for which he is trying too hard.

“It seems, this is the only way I am left with to become a chick magnet,” explained a little worried but firm Anuj adding that he is even taking medicines to increase hair count all over his body, “I want to attain that perfect shape and look of a Teddy Bear which drives girls crazy.”

To achieve his goal, Anuj is being trained by his neighbour Prakash Mishra, who has consistently maintained a perfect Teddy Bear look for the last 15 years.

“I am following a very strict diet, as suggested by Mishra Ji, which includes at least four burgers, one regular sized pizza, three samosas, a plate of chowmin and at least two bottles of beer on daily basis. I keep eating them on regular interval throughout the day,” said Anuj while revealing his diet.

However, he adds that following a strict diet is not the only thing required, one has to avoid any kind of physical labor.

“Going to the gym while following such a diet simply nullifies all the efforts. By doing so, one is going nowhere,” Anuj said while giving a piece of advice to Teddy Bear shape aspirants, “Going into such a shape is not an easy task at all.”

Recalling an incident to prove how serious he was about his aim, Anuj revealed that once he returned from his office gate, as lift wasn’t working that day.

“Taking stairs was a very tempting option, and many of my colleagues were going for that. But, I was rock solid and immediately left my office campus,” Anuj told Faking News, disclosing how he chose cold e-mail from his boss over burning few calories, “As I earlier said, it’s not an easy task at all. Sometimes you have to take tough decisions.”