To get into record books, expecting mothers line up to travel and deliver child in Mumbai Metro

09, Jun 2014 By Sudhanshu Chopra

Mumbai. Inspired by the fact that a girl born in Delhi Metro 2 years ago became its mascot, and to get even with its arch-rival Delhi, hordes of expecting mothers from Mumbai thronged metro stations to become the first women to deliver a child in Mumbai Metro.

Early Sunday morning witnessed the metro stations of Versova, Andheri, and Ghatkopar being flooded with women carrying a blatant bulge, causing the coaches to brim to the doors in no time, putting the otherwise-omnipresent IT crowd to shame.

Experts predict there could be many such 'firsts' in Mumbai Metro.
Experts predict there could be many such ‘firsts’ in Mumbai Metro.

Though the doctors initially suspected this to be the result of the mood swings women often suffer from during the course of pregnancy, it was actually a race to be the first one to give birth to a child on the metro.

Apart from the desire to et into record books and to attract media attention, the race was triggered by rumors that the first baby to be born on board the Mumbai Metro, apart from being declared its mascot, would be offered a high-end pensionable job in the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL), once he/she attains the age of 23.

Though a formal notification in this regard was yet to be released by the MMOPL, the to-be-mothers seemed to be totally convinced.

“Mothers just wanted their kids to be well settled in life. And what a better opportunity than a job at MMOPL,” Sushila Devi, who missed the first metro by a whisker said.

Some women even claimed that they had to delay their pregnancy by 3 years, in line with the frequent delay Mumbai Metro witnessed, in order to deliver at the opportune moment.

A few rational females hailed this move by the MMOPL as a brave attempt to challenge the belief that a human enters the world empty-handed, saying the lucky child would now have his/her hands full with a lucrative career as soon as he/she is born.

While no child was delivered on the first day of the run, there is still no clarity about what the MMOPL would do if twins are born.