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To get publicity, gangster Ravi Pujari now threatens Facebook friends scoring more than him in Subway Surfers

09, Sep 2014 By dippy

Mumbai: Taking the extortion business to an entirely different level, gangster Ravi Pujari known in Mumbai police circles as ‘chindi chor’ and ‘khidki darwaja don’ has issued threats to everyone in his Facebook friends list who scored more than him in popular mobile game Subway Surfers.

Sources close to the gangster told Faking News that this was his desperate publicity gimmick after failing to gain media attention despite issuing threats to film personalities and journalists.

Play safe.

South Mumbai resident Khemendranath Sharma, known as Khiladi S on Facebook was found shivering on his bed after he read a note posted by gangster Ravi Pujari on his Facebook timeline on Monday morning.

The note written in broken English read: ‘Big keeda you have for playing Sabve safar na, now keep Rs. 25000 ready. Dont call polis. My shuter contact you. Give money to him or 6 -6 he will unload in your pichwada.’

Gaining composure after a full 20 minutes of reading the threat and exchanging a few chats with the don, Sharma told Faking News, “He is a chindi chor yaar. I just tried to bargain by initially pleading to him that being an IT engineer, working in a company located in the suburbs, I had enough free time to waste on playing the game. Plus, I had no intention to rub his ego. He got into my ball talk and soon I commanded the conversation. Finally, he has agreed to let me go if I pay his man Rs. 51 and three pouches of Manikchand gutkha.”

When asked why in the first place would someone befriend the don on Facebook, Sharma said, “Since I also play Candy Crush saga and need a lot of friends whom I can send life requests for the game, I accepted friendship requests by any Tom, Dick and Harry on Facebook without verifying their credentials.”

Getting to know that Faking News was doing a story, Pujari, who is holed up somewhere in Australia called up this reporter and after hurling the mandatory BC and MC for a full 30 seconds rattled, “Now let me see how you ignore my threats. I have threatened 437 Facebook users after befriending them using a hot Australian girl’s pic as my profile pic and changed it immediately to mine once they accepted my request. Ab sailaab aayega sailaab.”

Till the time of publishing this story, his victims were heard of planning to carry out a candle light march outside Mumbai police headquarters seeking protection against his threats.