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To reduce count of cigarette consumption per day, man starts smoking longer cigarettes

29, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. In an out of the box way to reduce number of cigarette consumption per day, Vineet, a Delhi University student has started smoking longer cigarettes.

With the help of his idea, Vineet has successfully managed to bring down daily count from 12 cigarettes to 8 cigarettes.

Save half for later.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I am,” Vineet expressed his happiness, adding that his trick to fool himself is working pretty well. “I know, maybe I am consuming the same amount of harmful tobacco. But the guilt feeling has been certainly reduced, and that is very important.”

With plan to create his own customized cigarette, upto 40 to 50 inches long, Vineet is hopeful that he would be able to reduce his daily cigarette consumption count to one.

“I will not be smoking that in one go, instead I will finish it in 10 small cigarette breaks spread across the day,” Vineet revealed his future action plan, “I am going crazy with just the thought of smoking only one cigarette during whole day. I thought I would never be able to do this in my entire life, but dream is turning into reality.”

Now Vineet is feeling more confident that ever. “This has helped me to boost my morale and develop strong conviction to achieve desired goals. My next aim is to reduce number of pegs I drink in one sitting, by increasing size of each peg,” Vineet further added.

Psychologists say, Vineet’s actions are going harm his lungs and liver in a more smooth and hassle free way.

“Now, at least he will not be worried all the time that he is doing something wrong. He will be destroying himself, but with peace of mind,” explained a well known psychologist.

Meanwhile, taking cue from Vineet’s innovative idea, a cigarette brand has started working on creating a foldable cigarette of length equal to ten times of a normal cigarette length.