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Tough boss resigns because of overly demanding Cab driver

29, Jul 2015 By parthya

Bangalore: Unable to cope with the demands of his daily route Cab Driver, Manager at a leading software company here has finally resigned. He plans to commute by BMTC buses for remaining days of his notice period.

Overly demanding boss. Just like a Bangalore cab driver.
Overly demanding boss. Just like a Bangalore cab driver.

Manager in question, Partha Iyer, was known to be demanding and abusive to his colleagues. So much so that even in follow-up emails, he used harsh and abusive language.

But lately, since shifting home to a plush area, it was observed he had mellowed down and the change in his behavior was noticed by most of his co-workers.

“I haven’t filled my timesheets for 3 weeks now, yet he has not humiliated me in front of other employees like he always does,” said one subordinate, who wished not to be named for the fear he would have to fill the timesheets.

Our reporter caught with Partha, at the bus stop just when he had let a crowded bus go. “It all started with closing the cab door slowly. How do I tell that cabbie that that is just not my style? I don’t close doors, I slam them,” he explained.

Things only got worse when the boss was not at the pick spot on time for 2 consecutive days.

The Mr. Iyer defended himself that he had seen the missed call and had called back in half-minute. This reporter can confirm it to be true after going through the call records.

“But the cabbie blew it out of proportion to the extent that my CEO called from US to enquire whether I am taking a day’s leave,” said Partha.

He said he knew things had to be changed when even while taking shower he heard his mobile ringing and shivered fearing that it is the cab driver.  His wife also confirmed, “Yes, he used to come out of bathroom 4-5 times thinking his mobile is ringing. Even forgetting to wrap the towel at times.”

After consulting a psychiatrist, the couple decided that it was better to resign from the job and find some work which is walkable distance from the house. The psychiatrist himself cycled his way to work.

“Some of these drivers think they are in driver’s seat,” said the psychiatrist for no reason using a pun, so carefully avoided by this reporter for this report.