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Tourist suffers heart attack after seeing water park in Rajasthan

31, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Jaipur. 56 years old Sudarshan Roy today suffered a massive heart attack after seeing a water park during his first ever visit to Rajasthan with his family.

Roy family, who were on their three-day trip of Rajasthan, had to cancel their plans on the very first day and had to leave for Kolkata.

Faking News talked to Sudarshan Roy’s son over phone about the incident. He claimed that the had been witnessing totally unexpected and shocking events right from the beginning, but finding greenery and water in Rajasthan proved to be too shocking for his father.

Water Park
Scene of water park which caused heart attack.

“When we landed at Jaipur airport, there were no Marwari people at airport, but we thought it might be a one-off day. During travel from airport to hotel, we were again shocked to find out that there were no heaps of sands and camels around. We guessed that we might be going through posh areas and markets of Jaipur. But we realized that we were wrong when we saw Jaipur from the terrace of the hotel where we stayed,” the son recalled the fateful trip.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when hotel manager said that there would be 24 hours supply of water in the bathroom. Man, we bought a bag full of deodorant from Kolkata. We thought there would be very less water to drink, forget about bathing,” he added.

Recounting the hour when his father suffered the heart attack, he said in low and sad voice, “We hired a car to visit Jaipur. My father felt a little pain in chest when he saw panipuri stalls through the car window. But later, he felt good when he saw few camels standing on the edge of the road. But as soon as our car passed by a water park, he felt intense pain in chest. We rushed him to hospital where we came to know that it was heart attack.”

We could not talk to Sudarshan Roy, as his son told us that he was still recovering from the shock. “He is out of danger and stable after we showed him some pictures of desert in Rajasthan and poor women walking with water pots on top of their heads under scorching son,” the son informed how “normalcy” was restored.

After the news of this incident was broken by Faking News, Tourism department of Rajasthan issued a travel advisory to stop such incidents.

Thar desert covers only four district of Rajasthan, so whole Rajasthan is not desert. Everyone in Rajasthan, including Marwari people, does not wear turban, and you can find water and greenery in many areas,” read the advisory aimed at lessening the risk of such incidents being repeated.